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Be free, it suites you!

As I was typing away on my laptop in the kitchen, I noticed from the corner of my eye a butterfly, frantically flapping its wings spearing into a locked window time and time again.

I started asking myself some questions about what I was witnessing.

Questions like:

How did the butterfly get here in the first place?

Why wont it simply fly through the other window it came through?

Why does it look so helpless in defeat when its freedom is only inches away?

How many more times will the butterfly do this before it learns its lesson?

Will it ever learn how to free itself?

Who would come to its rescue?

What’s its fate?

I wonder how many of us can relate to this example and perhaps some of the questions above in our lives?

I know I certainly can.

I realise that just like the butterfly, our “true nature” is to be free and flow as nature intended. Yet, sometimes we find ourselves stuck, unable to find a way out, simply staring at the outside world of possibilities & dreams wondering what could be….despite being only a matter of inches away.

So I invite us all to reflect, and ask the questions:

In which areas of our lives can we relate to the butterfly?

How did we get there?

What can we see on the opposite side of the window?

What action does it take to begin the first steps towards freedom?

Perhaps more importantly….

What’s my true nature?

… stay stuck inside simply watching things go by?


….to accept our “true nature” and move towards freedom?

You decide your narrative

Peace be the Journey,


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