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The Leadership Tree🌳

I find myself standing here before this magic tree of wisdom, asking it yet another time for some guidance and inspiration. Never has this tree failed to share its wisdom with me on a subject matter which is in my current space.

On this occasion, I ask the question:

“Oh tree of wisdom, guide me on the path of true leadership? What does it really mean?

….its as if the gust of cooling wind around me takes these questions from my mind and brushes it against the tree posing these questions.

The tree simply sits with this, in its blissful present nature saying to me:

…”I am the answer in my very nature, look for the answer you want by simply surrendering yourself to me and it will all be yours”

So i lay fresh eyes on the tree, as if the filter of current reality is removed and a new lens of something deeper is at play. I start to notice areas of details which were not in my vision before even though I’ve stared at this tree countless times.

My attention is drawn to the base of the tree watching the tips of its roots disappearing deep into the ground . The message of remembering your origins & foundations jumps into my mind. Those innocent dates seeing myself amongst the thousands of other blades of grass seeking shelter from a tree. Focusing on the difference between my status in an organisation Vs the status of those around me….constantly wondering when and how far I will grow…will I ever catch up to the tree? Will it always tower above me? In this moment I surrender…and come to the realisation that there was never any real difference between a blade of grass & the tall tree. They are in-fact one in the same, co-dependant and exist together in unison. Without one the other wouldn’t thrive and so in perfect harmony they exist. And then it hits me, how far I’ve come as I no longer see my reflection in this blade of grass but now in this grand tree.

I naturally look up towards the sky, watching the branches swaying and leaves sitting in peace. The message continues. “I am only here to offer protection, guidance and shelter to those who choose me. In that moment it dawns on me, the responsibility of service and offering to all those who I can reach within my boundary….just as the lengths of the branches are limited to how far they grow. I feel a sudden shift in my body, one that brings me to alertness and attention. One that makes me feel inspired to emulate this tree and how it protects /guides and offers shelter to others.

…and finally, as i reflect on these x2 powerful messages of the wise tree, a 3rd & final awakening comes to me. The boundary of influence this tree has isn’t confined to its physical structure….as if it was, it wouldn’t thrive in the environment and the environment would thrive without it.

Perhaps the deepest message of all is sent… that makes me sure this journey of mine is not one confined to the material world, but one which is intertwined with my spiritual quest…one which is the sole reason for my being…one which brings me to tears if I reflect deeply on it. And that is…one of service to not only those around me, but those who can see me from far and wide.

I choose to align my body / breath / mind and stand tall in the comfort of my own identity as a symbol of peace. As a symbol to say its perfectly ok to stand in your own shows and be YOU. The world is in need of this in order to inspire others to also stand up tall alongside you…..stand up proud…..stand up together as one.…in unity…simply being…and nothing more.

With grace, humility and peace….i thank you tree, for you have shown me the path towards freedom.

Peace be the Journey…


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